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Workshop Introduction
I've been playing (insert your favorite roguelike game) for hours and it has inspired me to write my own. I know (insert your favorite programming language) . It's just a bunch of letters moving around on the screen. I don't have to program any fancy graphics, how hard can it be (famous last words).

How do I create those random dungeons?

How do I make the monsters move and fight on there own?

How do I do objects?

How do I save games or do I?

Hmmmmmmm, Maybe this isn't as easy as I thought. Who can I ask to find out about these subjects.


This is what I'd like the workshop to do. Be a place where people can go to find out that information.

To make this happen I need your help. If you are developing a game, please take some time out of your busy schedule and help by writing an artcle on some aspect of roguelike development.

I know how hard it can be to find this info on the web. Let's help each other by making it easier to create new roguelike games.

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